Hello folks. I’m new to this website stuff. I’m working on spreading the word on genetic disorders. I have a million questions myself and this is a genre for myself as well. I’m 44yrs old and I have recently been diagnosed with several genetic conditions. I have had to change my whole life. My genetic condition has caused me more problems then I was aware of, I was diagnosed with a disorder that effects the proteins in my body. I am not sure if your aware but we need proteins to live. My proteins are actually being a attacked. Your body produces homocystine and instead of my body producing that it doesn’t. My connective tissue is suffering due to this. I believe that research is my future and my point to this website is to reach the people who suffer from genetic conditions and I also want people to know health wise what works for me. I believe in change and I believe in speading the word because, chances are  you probably know someone out there with a genetic condition. It effects our children and our futures.